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Hi! My name is Florian Stoll and I’m a French German tourist guide living and working in the South of France.

I offer a one of a kind memorable experience aboard my 2CV named “Bamboo”.

I have been living in the beautiful region of Uzès for over 25 years and after touring with me, you will love it as much as I do!

Do you want a travel experience that is special and outside the box? Then come with me!

I am very attentive to your personal wishes and design unique customized tours for you, according to your interests and preferences.

Come and discover the rich and unique heritage of the countryside, the authentic way of life of Southern France and the great variety of local art, cuisine, crafts, and wildlife.

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Ailleurs & Uzès

“Ailleurs” means somewhere else. It is another place, unknown, unexpected… Experiencing somewhere else is a dream many people share!

Uzès is the beauty made of stone: a jewel emerging in a land of vineyards and olive trees, it is a proud ducal town reigning over a small country named “l’Uzège”.

This name refers to the idea of traveling and discovering this beautiful part of France. Uzès, my adoptive hometown, charms with its medieval lanes, its squares surrounded by archways, its fountains, its markets and numerous cafés and bars.

“Ailleurs” is everywhere else around Uzès, and even more.

Experience the narrow roads bordered by trees, green hills, deep gorges, and wild wetland. The region of Gard will charm and astonish you with it’s natural beauty and rich history.

Escape from the world you know, give yourself a break from daily life!

Cut yourself off everyday life and push the “pause” key!
• Get away on a vintage trip aboard a 2CV (“Bamboo” can host 2 to 3 persons, for more people I can cooperate with my partners).
• Let your Provence dream come true in a more classical manner (aboard a minivan that can carry up to 8 persons – I will be your guide and driver).


Slow tourisme


This is one of our funny phrases, meaning that it is time to go, or to start a new action. It was very popular from the sixties to the nineties.

Ah, the good old days!

Today, in a hyper-connected world that goes faster and faster, it is getting difficult to slow down and rediscover the flavor of forgotten times.

“Slow tourism” is a travel concept which allows you to live in the moment, which can be a real pleasure.

Enjoy my expertise of “slow tourism” and rediscover an ancient, slow way of traveling.
Away from the fuss of modern life, you can lay back, admire the landscape, stop when you want and go where you want. Let me guide you.

I created my business in 2010, after a year of thoughtful planning.
Every day, I put all of my energy and passion into creating new itineraries and tours, while leaving flexibility for your desires. Tours are custom made, I don’t have specific days to visit the Pont du Gard or take you to the Camargue: I suggest routes and you chose what inspires you most, “à la carte”.

The surname of my green 2CV is “Bamboo”. She has a capacity of 1, 2 or 3 guests, in addition to me, your driver and guide.




Sightseeing tours

(The prices for museums, monuments and meals are not included in the prices of these tours.)

I speak French, German and English. With my “two-horses” ( “deux chevaux”) I take you everywhere from the Cévennes mountain range to the Camargue delta, from the scenic gorges of the Ardèche to the picturesque to the Rhône Valley. Create your menu “à la carte”, discover natural and historical sites, taste local produce, and admire the work of artisans in authentic old villages.


Camargue – the largest delta in france


The eco-system of the Camargue is outstandingly rich and diverse. Fresh water, brine, a wide variety of soils and landforms, and the climate, constantly interact creating a one of a kind natural environment. It’s a magical spot for bird-watching, you will also see bulls and horses wandering freely over the salty grassland called “filouses”.
Relax, breath deeply and let your senses take in all the wilderness has to offer.

Tour 1 (all year):

From Uzès, it takes some time to drive to the wildest part of the Camargue, especially on our “slow tourism” tour! If you are interested in the local bull fighting traditions (the bulls are neither hurt nor killed, unlike the Spanish tradition). It is a typical farm where bulls and the white Camargue horses are bred. Meet the “gardians”, our French cowboys. We make a stop at a “manade”, taste local specialties and visit the estate aboard a horse-driven carriage, up to the fields where the bulls graze.
Then we make our way to the wetlands called “Scamandre” to explore wildlife and vegetation. You will need a good pair of shoes, binoculars and a camera; we will take our time to watch the animals.
The tour includes a stop in Aigues-Mortes, a fortified town with abounding history. On our way back to Uzès, we stop at the “tour Carbonnière” and a charming little village.

Day trip – 8 hours : 450€

Tour 2 (only from may to July):

Off to the Camargue!
This itinerary takes more time and is best taken between May and July when days are long. First, we drive to Arles, a Roman city and capital of the Camargue, then to the coastal town Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, a major pilgrimage place for gypsies from all over Europe.
We will also visit a rice farm or the museum of the Camargue, in the middle of the regional natural park.
On our way back to Uzès, we stop at the “tour Carbonnière” and a charming little village.

Day trip – 10 hours: 540€

Experience millenial history – follow medieval roads


I love to imagine the forgotten routes of the Middle Ages. Farmers and craftsmen walking, or guiding carriages loaded with goods to sell in big fairs and markets in the city. Toll stations on bridges and bastion gates where all kinds of people mingled, pilgrims, peddlers, storytellers, merchants, retailers… and even crooks!
A network of dust roads linked the strongholds of local aristocracy, from one castle to another, crossing scenic villages and towns. I would love to share the magic with you and make the history come alive.

Tour 1:

We start with a guided tour around the medieval town of Uzès. Then we head to one of France’s most beautiful villages. We stop at a farm where you can taste and buy local specialties like goat cheese or honey or visit a craftsman’s workshop.
Tell me what you would like to see and I will take you there!

Halfday trip 4 hours: 210€

Tour 2 :

You are invited aboard my green “Bamboo-carriage” to discover Sommières a charming medieval town where I will guide you through the streets and along the river. On our way, I will show you around little villages: churches, fountains and old wash-houses. We will take the time to stop whenever we want and enjoy the landscapes, of course. We may have the unexpected pleasure of stopping when we hear the little bell sounds of the sheep led by their shepherd crossing the country road.

At noon, we can have a picnic or authentic French country lunch in a charming Inn. Afterwards we can visit a craftsman, a farmer or a wine estate with tastings.

Day trip 8 hours: 450€

In the footsteps of the romans


In about 120 years BC, the Romans conquered their first province in Gaul: “la Narbonnaise”. In order to cover the whole territory, they built a network of complicated roads. The famous “Via Domitia” is the most ancient road of France.
The South of France still has plentiful well-preserved roman monuments memorializing the power and creativity of that time.

The roads were used by soldiers, merchants and pilgrims from the Antiquity to the Middle Age. Discover the foundations of our civilization through the vestiges of the roman cities Ugernum (Beaucaire) and Nemausus (Nîmes) and the Ambrussum oppidum. We can also follow the aqueduct that brought water from Ucetia (Uzès) to Nemausus over the Gardon river through the famous Pont du Gard.

Every year in May, the city of Nîmes organizes the “Roman games”, an amazing show in the arena that should not missed!

Tour 1:

The water route takes us from Uzès to the Pont du Gard, a magnificent aqueduct built to lead the water over the Gardon river to Nîmes. Starting point is the “Eure” valley sheltering the spring from where it all started. The tour leads us through tunnels and under bridges up to the Pont du Gard. Enjoy a guided visit of the bridge and free time to visit the museum.

Halfday trip – 4 hours : 210€

Tour 2 :

Let’s go to Nîmes, the majestic Roman city and capital of the Gard department. I offer a guided tour including the roman vestiges, the medieval town and the covered market (“les Halles”) where you can buy the best local food. After lunch, I recommend a visit to the new museum of Roman history (“Musée de la Romanité”) or of the arena (“Les Arènes”). Afterwards, we follow the footsteps of the Romans on the Via Domitia down to Beaucaire, a gallo-Roman and medieval city on the banks of the Rhone river. On the way back to our starting point, we stop at an exceptional wine estate with a little museum.

Daytrip – 8 hours: 450€

The wines routes


The ancient Greeks were the first to grow wine in Provence, on the hills surrounding “Massalia” (Marseille). The lower Rhone valley was also planted with vineyards many years ago.
Viticulture expanded thanks to the hospitality tradition of monasteries and abbeys!
In the 16th century, cultivating vine had become more profitable in Languedoc than growing cereals, and there weren’t enough hillsides and terrace crops for it!
At the end of the 19th century, the railway came to Languedoc. The winegrowers could now export their production to other regions, specifically the northern and the eastern parts of France.

Discover the wines of passionate men and women!

My tours can be from 6 or 8 hours:

We start off from Uzès or Remoulins drive across hills and vineyards, we stop in little villages and wine estate. Main topics are the local designations of origin: “Duché d’Uzès”, “Costières de Nîmes” and “Côtes du Rhône”. We visit a wine estate and taste the wines in the cellar.

The wine makers I work with welcome you in their “cave à vin” to explain their work in the vineyard. You are invited to taste: go for it, I will drive you home!
We will have lunch in an authentic restaurant.

During the harvest period, you can stay with a winemaker, who will share all secrets of the “divine beverage” with you.

Daytrip 6 hours: 325€

Daytrip 8 hours: 450€

Provence’s blue gold = lavender


In France, lavender was first grown in the 19th century, as the industry of perfumery developed. The provencale part of Gard started to beautify the countryside with lavandin (hybrid lavender) and lavender fields approximately 50 years ago. Our “terroir”, composed of sunny slopes and stony grounds, suits this plant perfectly. The “lavande aspic” variety grows spontaneously in the “garrigue”.

The best season to admire the amazing blue flowers is between the 5th of June and the 15th of July. After this date, the harvesting of the lavender begins, so don’t be late!

We can stop in the middle of lavender fields to have a picnic composed of local delicacies.
Enjoy nature, sitting in a convertible 2CV, inhaling the perfume of garrigue and lavender fields!

Tour 1:

Guided tour of a vintage distillery where you can watch how essential oil is made.
The tour leads across picturesque little villages of Gard. Enjoy the “Blue Gold of the Provence”.

Halfday trip – 4 hours: 210€

Tour 2:

Excursion to the museum of lavender across the breathtaking gorges of the Ardèche river. The museum used to be a small sheep pen. Today, it tells you the story of the agriculture that produces our “blue gold”. You will also discover a wide range of lavender-based products.
We can organize a wonderful picnic under the cherry tree at the museum.

Daytrip – 8 hours: 450€

The cevennes routes


Tour 1:

We head to the north of the “Cévennes” mountain range: the little town Saint-Ambroix. On our way, we stop in a medieval castel and visit an exceptional craftsman. I will show you a nice garden with typical plants and flora.

Halfday trip – 4 hours: 210€

Tour 2:

First step of our journey is the small town Anduze, the “Gateway to the Cévennes”. There you can admire the traditional pottery, “les vases d’Anduze”. My 2CV then takes you alongside the railway of an authentic steam train that links the towns of Anduze and Saint Jean du Gard across wonderful wild landscapes. I warmly recommend the museum in Saint Jean du Gard, to learn everything about the traditions and ancient trades of the Cévennes valleys. We can then picnic in the natural surroundings or enjoy regional specialties in a typical country inn. On our way home, we stop in the beautiful village Mialet and in the “Bambouseraie”, an amazing floral park planted with giant bamboos and a variety of exotic vegetation.

Day trip – 8 hours: 450€

Custom routes



I can work up for you an “all-in-one” stay including a tour in my 2CV or in a mini bus and one or several nights’ accommodation. An agency will be in charge of hotel and restaurant reservations.

In my 2CV, I can admit one to three persons. If you are a family, group of friends or several couples traveling together, I would be happy to organize an excursion with my local partners in their vintage cars.


I will gladly drive you in my little “Bamboo” on your wedding day, either for a few hours or the whole day. You can also rent the 2CV for a photography session, with or without a photographer.

Do you plan to make a movie or a documentary about the region and need a driver and guide?

Are you looking for an original way to create a birthday surprise or special memory? How about a unique marriage proposal? What about a little tour in a legendary French car and glass of champagne in front of the Pont du Gard?

If you have a larger group, we can join with one of my capable partners.


If walking is your way of enjoying the countryside then join me on a guided hike. We can also travel by canoe or by bike. Make your travels with me an adventure. I consider every request and am flexible.

Whatever your ideas and wishes are, don’t hesitate, call or write me !

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Chauffeur – guide – lecturer

Florian Stoll


If you have special wishes, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for a quote.
The 2CV can carry up to three persons plus the driver. For a larger group, it is possible to rent a mini bus or join other drivers in vintage cars.
Let me be your driver in a legendary, typical French car for your event: wedding, birthday, anniversary or any other reason to party.

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